What We Do

Welcome to the Uganda Bird Guides Club, a leading organisation dedicated to promoting birding tourism and conservation in Uganda and beyond. Here's what we do:

Empowerment Through Skills Development: We provide our members with comprehensive training in birding techniques, habitat management, sustainable conservation practices, and effective tourist handling. By equipping them with these skills, we empower our members to excel in their roles as bird guides and conservation advocates.

Species Monitoring and Reporting: Our members play a crucial role in monitoring bird populations across Uganda. They regularly report sightings of new bird species, contributing valuable data to the country's birding records. Thanks to their efforts, the list of birds of Uganda has grown from 950 species in 1998 to 1100 species by the end of 2023.

Birding Excursions and Tours: We organize exciting birding excursions and tours for our members to explore diverse birding hotspots across Uganda. These outings provide opportunities for members to enhance their birding skills, discover new species, and connect with fellow bird enthusiasts.

Workshops and Seminars: We host workshops and seminars for our members and the public, covering various topics related to birding, conservation, and ecotourism. These events serve as platforms for knowledge-sharing, networking, and raising awareness about the importance of bird conservation.

Birding Itinerary Design: We collaborate with tour operators and tourists to design customized birding itineraries that showcase Uganda's rich avian diversity. By promoting our members as expert bird guides, we aim to encourage sustainable tourism practices that support local communities and conservation efforts.

Regional Collaboration: We actively support the establishment of similar bird guides clubs in neighboring countries such as Rwanda and Kenya. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, we strive to strengthen birding tourism initiatives across the East African region.

Join us at the Uganda Bird Guides Club and be part of our mission to celebrate, conserve, and promote the fascinating world of birds in Uganda and beyond.