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The Uganda Bird Guides Club stands as one of the oldest indigenous bird guides clubs in Africa, founded by Mr. Herbert Byaruhanga with a vision of elevating Uganda as a premier birding destination in East Africa and the entire continent. The inception of the club was spurred by the recognition of the need for a national bird guides association, prompting Mr. Byaruhanga to embark on recruiting members.

Uganda Bird Guides Club


Herbert Byaruhanga is a renowned bird guide and conservationist based in Uganda, recognized for his significant contributions to promoting Uganda as a premier birding destination in Africa. Herbert is the force behind the International Conference for Women Birders, a groundbreaking event that has captured the attention of the world. He is also instrumental in establishing the Uganda Women Birders, Kenya Women Birders, and Rwanda Bird Guides Club.

Born and raised in Uganda, Herbert developed a fascination for birds and the natural world at a young age. His passion for birdwatching and conservation was ignited during his early experiences exploring Uganda's diverse ecosystems.

After completing his education, Herbert embarked on a career in tourism, specializing as a bird guide. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of Uganda's avifauna and natural habitats, Herbert quickly

gained recognition for his expertise in leading birding expeditions and wildlife tours

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Welcome to the Uganda Bird Guides Club, a leading organisation dedicated to promoting birding tourism and conservation in Uganda and beyond.Here's what we do

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Join us at the Uganda Bird Guides Club and be part of our mission to celebrate, conserve, and promote the fascinating world of birds in Uganda and beyond

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