About Uganda Bird Guides Club

The Uganda Bird Guides Club stands as one of the oldest indigenous bird guides clubs in Africa, founded by Mr. Herbert Byaruhanga with a vision of elevating Uganda as a premier birding destination in East Africa and the entire continent. The inception of the club was spurred by the recognition of the need for a national bird guides association, prompting Mr. Byaruhanga to embark on recruiting members.

In 1998, a handful of guides began to show interest in birding, leading to the formal establishment of the club. Notable founding members included Kalema Livingstone, Johnnie Kamugisha, Musisi Benjamin, Kabogoza Elias, Hassan Mutebi, and Bahindi Robert. However, the early years of birding in Uganda were met with challenges, with club members often facing misunderstandings and even arrests due to the novelty of the activity. Carrying binoculars or telescopes was unfamiliar to many, including security personnel.

Despite these obstacles, the club persevered, paving the way for the growth of birding tourism in Uganda. Today, the Uganda Bird Guides Club's impact resonates beyond its borders, with the establishment of over 10 local bird guides groups across the country. Furthermore, its influence has extended to neighboring countries, contributing to the formation of similar associations such as the Uganda Women Birders, Kenya Women Birders, and Rwanda Women Birders. Through its dedication and commitment, the Uganda Bird Guides Club has played a pivotal role in promoting birding as a respected and celebrated tourism activity in the region.