Uganda Bird Guides Club  is ranked among the oldest local bird clubs in the East African region  dating way back in 1998. It has grown steadily through a strong network of bird guides that operate on every birding site in Uganda.

Our main activities so far have been carrying out sensitisation seminars on birds and bird habitat conservation to the local community living around birding sites outside the protected area, and training our members to become professional bird guides.   The Club has grown to over 100 bird guides within the country.  This has made Uganda a popular birding destination with satisfactory results.

We also design birding itineraries that are used by tour operators to market Uganda as a birding destination. These include: Birding Uganda in 7 days, 14 days, 17 days best forest birding, 22 days western circuit, birding the big 6 for Uganda, Birding the small 6 for Uganda, and also Birding special for the Albertine Rift Endemics. Once informed in advance, the members will organise transport, accommodation for any one wishing to bird Uganda. The Club aims at satisfaction for any birder who comes to bird Uganda with its members.

Our club is the leading trainer of bird guides in Uganda and Rwanda.  . Mr. Herbert Byaruhanga who was trained by Bird Life South Africa in 2001, has become the leading trainer of bird guides in the region.